5 Best Motels on Rarotonga© Paradise Inn
5 Best Motels on Rarotonga

6 Best Motels on Rarotonga

© Paradise Inn

Where to Find a Motel on Rarotonga

Swap the impracticality and expense of a lavish resort for a more affordable and functional motel on Rarotonga. Although only a small selection, the motels on Rarotonga provide all you need for an affordable holiday or business trip in paradise. Check them out in this list of the best motels on Rarotonga.

1. Reefcomber Sunset Beach (Formerly The Reef Motel)

A fantastic on-the-beach location for only a fraction of the price of a resort, Reefcomber Sunset Beach is well worth looking at for holiday accommodation on Rarotonga. Nearby the popular snorkelling spot of Black Rock and benefitting from eateries and island shows the Edgewater Resort, your stay in one of the garden studios or lagoon-view bungalows couldn’t be closer to the action. Rooms are basic but functional with a kitchenette, a deck and even dining furniture on the beach.

Check Reefcomber Sunset Beach out:

5 Best Motels on Rarotonga© The Reef Motel

2. Paradise Inn

You can hardly beat the location of this budget motel on the sandy shores of Avarua. Just a short walk from town, Paradise Inn has 17 rooms accommodating one to four people with the “Loft” rooms having an interesting multi-storey layout. Rooms have basic cooking features like a microwave, stovetop and fridge, as well as an ensuite. A cool place to relax is on the front deck overlooking the sandy shores. See more stays like this in the 10 Best Budget Accommodations on Rarotonga.

Check Paradise Inn out:

5 Best Motels on Rarotonga© Paradise Inn

3. Central Motel

Right in the heart of Avarua, Central Motel offer affordable accommodation within walking distance of shops, restaurants and the bus station. The 14 rooms of the motel are, of course, super basic but are well-kept with standard breakfast-making facilities and an ensuite. A nice little touch is the spa pool in the gardens. Note that there are only rooms for a maximum of two guests.

Check Central Motel out:

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4. Kiikii Inn & Suites

Offering a little more in the way of self-catering facilities and a “holiday” experience, Kiikii Inn & Suites is a worthy option for budget travellers. Catering to a maximum of three guests, rooms feature kitchenettes with fridges, hobs and microwaves, as well as an ensuite. Either stay among the gardens or around the outdoor pool with the option of a sea view. Find this motel in Tupapa, along the north coast of the island.

Check Kiikii Inn & Suites out:

5 Best Motels on Rarotonga© CookIslandsPocketGuide.com

5. The Black Pearl at Puaikura

An affordable boutique resort experience with motel-like facilities, The Black Pearl at Puaikura is a great consideration for a family getaway. Surrounding a central pool among tropical gardens are 12 airy suites adorning modern murals and self-catering facilities. Choose from studios or one-bedroom units with single beds in the living area. We also like that barbecue packs can be purchased to make the most of the barbecue facilities. See more stays similar to this in the 20 Best Family Resorts & Accommodations on Rarotonga.

Check The Black Pearl at Puaikura out:

6 Best Motels on Rarotonga© The Black Pearl at Puaikura

6. Coral Sands Apartments

Finally, those seeking more space should check out Coral Sands Apartments, which is a short stroll from Arorangi Beach. Out of seven apartments surrounding a central swimming pool, there are five well-appointed one-bedroom apartments and two three-bedroom apartments. Guests can spread out between their private garden with a barbecue, the shared courtyard with a pool or the shared gardens. Enjoy the conveniences of a full kitchen including the novelty of a blender and check out more stays like Coral Sands in the 10 Best Holiday Apartments in Rarotonga & the Cook Islands!

Check Coral Sands Apartments out:

5 Best Motels on Rarotonga© Coral Sands Apartments

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