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10 Best Beaches on Mauke© Daniel Fisher - Cook Islands Tourism
10 Best Beaches on Mauke

7 Best Beaches on Mauke

© Daniel Fisher – Cook Islands Tourism

Where are the Beaches on Mauke?

The answer? Everywhere! That’s right, Mauke has countless beaches (yes, we tried and we lost count around 50). The raised coral atoll in the Cook Islands might look like a large rugged rock, but the coastline has many cracks in the “makatea” (fossilised coral rock) with pockets of white sand in between. The glorious things about Mauke’s beaches are that a) they are well looked after with quaint picnic areas and b) you get them all to yourself. Discover some of our favourites in this list of the best beaches on Mauke!

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1. Te Oneroa Beach (Te One Roa)

Starting with the longest beach on Mauke, Oneroa Beach can be found on the southwestern side of the island. This long stretch of sand has many rock formations to explore and the reef has little pockets to swim in at low tide. There is a beach garden with a thatched shelter just behind the beach, should you need some shade. The beach is also a great place to watch whales in the season, as well as watch the sunset.

Location: Southwest side of Mauke. Easy to find just off the coast road.

10 Best Beaches on Mauke© Claire Wilson - Cook Islands Tourism

2. Anaoke Beach

One of the many tiny beaches nestled between makatea on the south coast, Anaoke Beach offers an incredible photo opportunity and absolute seclusion. Be careful if you decide to explore the reef, as the south coast tends to get the biggest waves crashing over the reef.

Location: Southeast tip of Mauke, just off the coast road.

10 Best Beaches on Mauke© Daniel Fisher - Cook Islands Tourism

3. Anaraura Beach

This fairly large beach (for Mauke standards) sits toward the bottom of the east coast. Not only a stunning place to watch the sunrise but Anaraura Beach is backed by delightful beachside gardens with picnic tables and thatched shelters. See more worthy sunrise locations in the 10 Best Places to Watch the Sunrise in Rarotonga & the Cook Islands.

Location: Southeast coast of Mauke, just off the coastal road.

10 Best Beaches on Mauke© Claire Wilson - Cook Islands Tourism

4. Teoneroa & Rererua Beaches

We’ve coupled these two beaches because they are so close together, you might as well visit both! Teoneroa Beach is another one of Mauke’s beaches where the locals have erected quaint shelters and picnic areas among the gardens. Rererua Beach is a little further south, close to the tip of the island, and simply stunning.

Location: The southwest tip of Mauke, just off the coast road. Teoneroa is approximately 450m (492 yards) north of Rererua Beach.

10 Best Beaches on Mauke© Daniel Fisher - Cook Islands Tourism

5. Kopupooki Beach (Stomach Rock)

The main highlight of Kopupooki Beach is not its sands but its hidden cave with a swimming pool! On the trail just after Tiare Cottages, walk down the beach/reef to your left when facing the ocean. Go past the outcrop (pictured) and you’ll find a small cave (hence the name “Stomach Rock“) with a pool inside, ideal for a swim! You can only reach this cave at low tide. Make sure you’re out of there before the tide comes in!

Location: East side of Mauke. On the coastal road, take the first turnoff toward the sea after Tiare Cottages. Learn more about Tiare Cottages in The Best Mauke Accommodations.

10 Best Beaches on Mauke© Taniera - Cook Islands Tourism

6. One’unga Beach (Oneunga Beach)

This idyllic beach is usually visited when taking a guided walk to the inland caves of Vai Ou and Vai Tunamea (see the 15 Best Things to Do on Mauke). One’unga Beach is a picturesque beach with small makatea cliffs on either side.

Location: Northeast point side of Mauke, east of the airport runway and about 600m (656 yards) past the inland turnoff. The beach is easy to spot off the coastal road.

10 Best Beaches on Mauke© Taniera - Cook Islands Tourism

7. Tukume Beach

On the southwest coast of Mauke, Tukume Beach offers even more glorious coastline, but perhaps more famously, a shipwreck! Among the sand and reef is the rusted shell of Te Kou Maru that wrecked here in 2010.

Location: Southwestern side of Mauke. Off the coast road, find a rainforest trail about 50m (164ft) north of Tukume Landing.

10 Best Beaches on Mauke© Claire Wilson - Cook Islands Tourism

More About Beaches in Mauke and the Cook Islands

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This article was reviewed and published by Robin, the co-founder of Cook Islands Pocket Guide. He has lived, worked and travelled across 16 different countries before settling in the South Pacific, so he knows a thing or two about planning the perfect trip in this corner of the world. Robin works and consults regularly with Cook Islands Tourism Corporation, a local government body representing the tourism industry. Robin is also the co-founder of several other South Pacific travel guides and is a regular host of webinars with the South Pacific Tourism Organisation.

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