7 Best Cruises That Visit Rarotonga & the Cook Islands 🛳️ [2023]© Pxhere.com
7 Best Cruises That Visit Rarotonga & the Cook Islands 🛳️ [2023]

7 Best Cruises That Visit Rarotonga & the Cook Islands 🛳️ [2024]

© Pxhere.com

Which Cruises Visit Rarotonga, Aitutaki and the Cook Islands?

Dreaming of a South Pacific voyage that absolutely has to have one (or several) of the Cook Islands on the itinerary? We don’t blame you. The bustling South Seas hub of Rarotonga, the azure lagoon of Aitutaki and even, in rare instances, the rarely visited atoll of Palmerston are breathtaking to behold. Each island is small enough to make the most of in a day, making ideal ports of call on your cruising vacation. But which cruise liners actually visit the Cook Islands? Find out in this list of the best cruises to Rarotonga, Aitutaki and the Cook Islands!

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1. Paul Gauguin Cruises

One of the best island-hopping cruises between the Cook Islands and the Society Islands of French Polynesia, Paul Gauguin Cruises‘ offers a dedicated “Cook Islands & Society Islands” round-trip from Papeete (Tahiti). The trip spends two days in the Cook Islands, one on Aitutaki and the other on Rarotonga between days at sea. There is also an extended version of this trip lasting 14 to 16 nights sailing also to Tonga and Fiji.

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7 Best Cruises That Visit Rarotonga & the Cook Islands 🛳️ [2023]© Cook Islands Tourism

2. Silversea Cruises

Included on Silversea Cruises‘ voyages from Papeete (Tahiti), Rarotonga and Aitutaki are highlights of these luxury cruises. The selection of cruises varies from 13-day cruises between Papeete and Lautoka (Fiji), 16 days between Papeete and Auckland, and 36 days between Valparaiso (Chile) and Auckland (New Zealand) and more. Cruises are all-inclusive with airport transfers and hotels included at either end of the voyage.

7 Best Cruises That Visit Rarotonga & the Cook Islands 🛳️ [2023]© CookIslandsPocketGuide.com

3. Aranui Cruises

Specialising in Polynesian cruises right down to the Polynesian crew employed, Aranui Cruises is well worth considering for your cruise to the Cook Islands. While their main focus is the Marquesas Islands of French Polynesia, some cruises also include Rarotonga and Aitutaki in the itinerary. The cruise ship couples as a cargo ship, delivering supplies to remote communities.

7 Best Cruises That Visit Rarotonga & the Cook Islands 🛳️ [2023]© Aranui Cruises

4. Seabourn

Boasting Rarotonga, Aitutaki and even Palmerston on the agendas of their South Pacific cruises, Seabourn is a worthy cruise choice for exploring more of the Cook Islands. The cruise line giant has a dizzying array of tours ranging from 20 days South Pacific voyages to 140 days round-the-world trips. Despite their giant selection of trips, Seabourn’s ships are relatively intimate for a more luxurious small-ship cruise experience.

7 Best Cruises That Visit Rarotonga & the Cook Islands 🛳️ [2023]© Seabourn Cruises

5. Holland America Line

If you’re looking for grand Pacific voyages – we’re talking 34-94 days – then Holland America Line offers several long-term cruises that visit Rarotonga mid-way through the trip. Most cruises depart from San Diego (US), Sydney (Australia), Auckland (New Zealand) or Vancouver (Canada) and end vice versa. Ships from Holland America are design-driven, each ensuing an individual style whether it’s classic art or garden-inspired patterns, while onboard activities include regional cooking demonstrations, wine tastings, a spa, fitness classes and more.

7 Best Cruises That Visit Rarotonga & the Cook Islands 🛳️ [2023]© G. Bembridge on Flickr

6. MSC Cruises

Included on MSC Cruises‘ large-ship around-the-world cruises, Rarotonga and sometimes Aitutaki hold a solid position on their mammoth 74 to 117-day itineraries. Departing from Italy, their world cruises travel to four continents and could be your best option for cruising the South Pacific from Europe.

7 Best Cruises That Visit Rarotonga & the Cook Islands 🛳️ [2023]© CookIslandsPocketGuide.com

7. Costa Cruises

Another world tour starting from Europe, Costa Cruises boasts 114 to 126-day cruises soaking up the sights of Rarotonga as one of the limited South Pacific destinations on their itinerary. Their ships are lavish and expansive, with the most regular ship to Rarotonga boasting seven swimming pools and hot tubs, 12 bars and five restaurants.

7 Best Cruises That Visit Rarotonga & the Cook Islands 🛳️ [2023]© Sean Scott - Cook Islands Tourism

More About Cruises to Rarotonga and the Cook Islands

That’s it for our list of the best cruises that visit Rarotonga, Aitutaki and the Cook Islands. For more information about your cruise to the Cook Islands, check out the following guides:

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