10 Best Fishing Charters in the Cook Islands 🐟 [2023]© Craig Owen - Cook Islands Tourism
10 Best Fishing Charters in the Cook Islands 🐟 [2023]

10 Best Fishing Charters in the Cook Islands 🐟 [2024]

Β© Craig Owen – Cook Islands Tourism

The Top Fishing Tours in the Cook Islands

Boasting warm waters attracting an array of game fish species all year round, the Cook Islands is a fisherfolk’s dream! No fish goes to waste here, as the locals rely on the ocean to provide sustenance and no fish stocks are exported. Whether you’re in it for the sport or want to experience a taste of the Cook Islander lifestyle, the fishing charters and tours in the Cook Islands offer a fantastic day (or half-day) out. Check out the best fishing charters in the Cook Islands, including in Rarotonga, Aitutaki and Atiu, in this ultimate list!

Before you keep scrolling, make sure you open up The Ultimate Guide to Fishing in Rarotonga & the Cook Islands – your bible to fishing in Rarotonga!

1. Extreme Fishing Charters

Want to try deep sea or night fishing on Rarotonga? Join Extreme Fishing Charters! Offering shared and private charters for up to six people, Extreme Fishing Charters has something for everyone. Join them for deep sea fishing at your chosen departure time or head out at night for GT fishing! Your Kiwi hosts will take you out for an awesome time on their purpose-built 9 m (30 ft) sports fishing boat with all fishing gear and bait included. Bottled water and lunch/light refreshments are also included on the trip, kept in the chilly bin to keep things fresh. Speaking of fresh, you’ll be filleted a portion of your catch to take home. There are also opportunities to jump in the water for a swim and even bring your music to make the most of the boat’s Bluetooth sound system. Trips last approximately three hours.

Location: Avatiu Harbour, Rarotonga.

10 Best Fishing Charters in the Cook Islands 🐟 [2023]© CookIslandsPocketGuide.com

2. E2’s Way

Join a local to experience Aitutaki’s famed bonefishing scene with E2’s Way. Specialising in bonefishing, fly fishing and spin fishing, Itu will take keen anglers on a half-day or full-day experience with transfers, gear and drinking water included. Although the main target is bonefish, which are available all year round, other fish species caught can be giant trevally, Napolean wrasse, snapper and emperor. Tours are available Monday to Saturday. See how the trip compares to the other 5 Best Fishing Charters on Aitutaki.

Location: From anywhere on Aitutaki; transfers are included.

10 Best Fishing Charters in the Cook Islands 🐟 [2023]© DH - Cook Islands Tourism

3. Akura Fishing Charters

One of the biggest fishing charter operations on Rarotonga, Akura Fishing Charters has multiple boats and therefore multiple options to curate the perfect fishing trip. Game fishing, reef and bottom fishing and spearfishing are all on the cards with this fishing giant. With 12 m (40 ft) and 7.3 m (24 ft) boats on offer, the charter is perfect for larger groups, such as stag and hen dos. Half-day trips last approximately 4 to 4 hrs 30 mins or full-day excursions are available. Both include bottled water, sandwiches for lunch, a chilly bin for any drinks you want to bring on board and, of course, all of the high-quality fishing gear and bait are provided. See how Akura compares to the 10 Best Fishing Charters on Rarotonga.

Location: Avatiu Harbour, Rarotonga.

10 Best Fishing Charters in the Cook Islands 🐟 [2023]© David Kirkland - Cook Islands Tourism

4. Black Pearl Charters

If you’re looking to catch some South Pacific whoppers in Aitutaki, then Black Pearl Charters should be a serious consideration. Although they offer half-day and full-day private charters for a more personalised experience, their half-day shared charters are definitely welcome for anglers on a budget. Speaking of anglers, you don’t have to be experienced to enjoy a trip with Black Pearl Charters who have a  lot of success fishing around the FADs just outside of the Aitutaki Lagoon. Depending on the length of your tour and the time of day, transfers, breakfast/lunch, hot and cold drinks and snorkelling equipment are included. Fish caught can usually be filleted for you to take back for dinner.

Spearfishing is also an option with Black Pearl Charters which you can learn more about in The Complete Guide to Spearfishing in the Cook Islands.

Location: From anywhere on Aitutaki; transfers are included.

10 Best Fishing Charters in the Cook Islands 🐟 [2023]© CookIslandsPocketGuide.com

5. Reef Fishing with Andrew

Keen anglers and newbs alike can experience Atiu’s amazing fishing scene both on land and on the water. Ask at your Atiu accommodation for reef fishing tours with Andrew Matapakia. He’ll take you out during the day to catch a variety of reef fish. Even octopus or crayfish could be on the cards. Alternatively, night fishing allows the exciting opportunity to catch flying fish! Whatever style of fishing you choose, you’ll be treated to a scrumptious Atiu-style meal during the experience. Discover more experiences on Atiu listed in the 20 Best Things to Do on Atiu.

Location: From anywhere on Atiu; transfers are included.

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6. Wahoo Fishing Charters

Join the cheeky lads from Wahoo Fishing Charters for a fun half-day on the water catching big fish, tucking into a homecooked meal and “talking sh*t” (their words, not ours). The Rarotonga fishing charter has got all the gear – Shimano is their equipment of choice – as well as all the safety gear and banter for an epic trip. All charters, whether shared or private, have two crew members on board, chilled water and a pretty decent lunch. There’s even an onboard toilet on their 9 m (30 ft) fishing boat! Half-day tours last approximately 4 hrs 30 mins and are one of the few that depart from the Avana Harbour just north of Muri.

Location: Avana Harbour, Ngatangiia. Some tours may depart from Avatiu Harbour, Avarua, Rarotonga.

10 Best Fishing Charters in the Cook Islands 🐟 [2023]© CookIslandsPocketGuide.com

7. Wet & Wild

The kings of watersports on Aitutaki, Wet & Wild offer a huge range of activities on the water including fishing charters. Head out deep sea fishing, trolling around the FADs, or try jigging down to the depths for dogtooth tuna. For something a little more technical, try casting for giant trevally at the edge of the lagoon or test your skills at the ever-addictive spearfishing. Just tell the team what you want to do, even if it’s adding some watersports or snorkelling to the agenda, and they can sort out an incredible day for you. Transfers, drinking water, towels and all the gear for your chosen activity are included.

Location: From anywhere on Aitutaki; transfers are included.

10 Best Fishing Charters in the Cook Islands 🐟 [2023]© Cook Islands Tourism

8. Game Fishing Rarotonga

If you want a no-nonsense fishing charter from Raro, as the name suggests, then check out Game Fishing Rarotonga. With an impressive fleet of three boats, from a small Stabicraft ideal for solo anglers and couples wanting to give fishing a try on a private charter to a 13 m (42 ft) catamaran suited up for comfortable shared fishing charters and private groups of up to eight people. Their standard deep sea charters target marlin, tuna, mahimahi and wahoo, while those wanting to try GT fishing can on request. Spearfishing is also available if you have your own gear – check out The Complete Guide to Spearfishing in Rarotonga & the Cook Islands to learn more.

10 Best Fishing Charters in the Cook Islands 🐟 [2023]© Game Fishing Rarotonga

9. Captain Moko’s Fishing Charters

Join a local who was brought up on the water with Captain Moko’s Fishing Charters. On Captain Moko’s 7.5 m (25 ft) pontoon you’ll enjoy either a shared or private charter with all quality Shimano rods and reels, as well as all of the usual safety gear. The charter is ideal for deep-sea fishing and bottom fishing and is suitable for families – add it to your list of 40 Best Things to Do in the Cook Islands with Kids. Captain Moko’s is also one of the very few Rarotonga charters departing from Muri Beach.

Location: Muri Beach, Rarotonga.

10 Best Fishing Charters in the Cook Islands 🐟 [2023]© CookIslandsPocketGuide.com

10. Atiu Safari & Fishing Tours

For deep sea fishing on Atiu, Timau from Atiu Safari & Fishing Tours offers the charters to suit! Choose from either fishing on the bluewater surrounding Atiu or taking the unique opportunity to travel out to the uninhabited Takutea island with its surrounding vibrant marine life – it’s one of the Southern Group islands of the Cook Islands that’s rarely explored. Fishing trips with Atiu Safari also include a tropical lunch.

Location: From anywhere on Atiu; transfers are included.

10 Best Fishing Charters in the Cook Islands 🐟 [2023]© CookIslandsPocketGuide.com

[CLOSED] Sakula Charters

Treat yourself and your group to a half-day, full-day or even multi-day fishing excursion onboard Sakula! The 16m (53ft) fishing boat offers ultimate comfort on the water with even enough sleeping room for up to 10 guests. But we’re here to talk about the fishing, right? You’re in good hands with an experienced crew and high-quality Shimano and Penn gear, as well as handcrafted DTF lures. There are shared and private options available, where a half-day trip last approximately 4h30mins to 5 hours. Trips include lunch, bottled water and fish filleted to take back to your accommodation. Sakula Charters also offer sunset cruises and whale watching tours during the season.

Location: Avatiu Harbour, Rarotonga.

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