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5 Best Motels on Aitutaki

5 Best Motels on Aitutaki

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Where to Find a Motel on Aitutaki

Swap the impracticality and expense of a lavish resort for a more affordable and functional motel on Aitutaki. Although only a small selection, the motels on Aitutaki provide all you need for an affordable self-catering holiday in paradise. Check them out in this list of the best motels on Aitutaki.

1. Reef Motel – Aitutaki

Similar to your standard motel layout in New Zealand, the Reef Motel offers a selection of studios surrounding a central swimming pool. Choose between a studio with a garden view or a lagoon view, both kitted out with a kitchenette, lounge, one double bed, one single bed and an ensuite. The motel might not be winning any style points but the staff are perfectly lovely while the facilities are perfectly functional. A highlight is the unique location in the village of Nikaupara, toward the southern end of the main island.

Check Reef Motel out:

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2. Rino’s Bungalows

A convenient location and a relatively affordable motel in Amuri, Rino’s Bungalows – sometimes called Rino’s Motel – offers an alternative stay for couples, solo travellers and families of three. Their garden-view rooms are set up for families with beds, a basic kitchen and a separate bathroom in a studio layout, while the beachfront units are reserved for adult guests. Each unit has basic cooking facilities but you’re close to town with plenty of dining options and a vehicle rental depot across the road. We also list this in the 10 Best Family Accommodations on Aitutaki.

Check Rino’s Bungalows out:

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3. Sunny Beach Lodge

Everyone is welcome at Sunny Beach Lodge with two beachfront bungalows ideal for couples and adults, while the garden motel units are perfect for families. The budget accommodation is well located in Amuri, close to grocery stores, should you want to make use of your room’s cooking facilities, as well as the Pacific Resort and its restaurant. Note that this accommodation only accepts cash or bank transfer. See more stays like this in the 8 Best Budget Accommodations on Aitutaki.

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4. Ranginui’s Retreat

With a beachfront location and lagoon views, Ranginui’s Retreat offers a luxurious location for the price of a motel. Fisherfolk can cast right from the accommodation, while those looking to relax can make use of the beach loungers and the swimming pool. Choose between bungalows for couples, groups and families kitted out with functional but small kitchens. There are also ultra-budget units available for couples and solo travellers with breakfast-making facilities. See similar accommodations in the 10 Best Self-Catering Accommodations on Aitutaki.

Check Ranginui’s Retreat out:

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5. Petero’s Place

Last but certainly not least, Petero’s Place offers just three affordable studio bungalows on the southwestern shores of Aitutaki. Bungalows are set among tropical gardens with an often secluded beach just across the road. The fixtures and fittings are a little “classic” but functional and charming nonetheless, while your airy bungalow has tiled floors to keep the place cool. Note that a cleaning fee is charged on top of the daily rate but discounts are available for long-term stays (7 days, etc.)

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More About Motels on Aitutaki

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