Information, Shops & Services in the Cook Islands©
Information, Shops & Services in the Cook Islands

Information, Shops & Services in the Cook Islands


What Services are Available in the Cook Islands?

Heading to the atolls of the Cook Islands and need to know what sort of services to expect? The Cook Islands is made up of 15 different atolls; the most populated island with most shops and services being Rarotonga to the least populated with the least services being the Northern Group. Learn all about the Cook Islands’ 15 atolls in our guide or scroll down to discover the kind of infrastructure available in the Cook Islands.

Useful Services for Tourists

  • Tourist Information Centres – Avarua on Rarotonga, Arutanga in Aitutaki and Teenui on Atiu
  • Car rentals – See 10 Best Car Rentals in the Cook Islands for listings
  • Taxis – See Taxis in the Cook Islands: Fares, How to Use & More for listings
  • Restaurants and cafes – See The Food Guide to the Cook Islands for listings
  • Ports Authority – Avatiu Harbour in Rarotonga, Arutanga Harbour in Aitutaki and see the Sailing Guide to the Cook Islands for more ports
  • Police Station – Avarua on Rarotonga, Arutanga in Aitutaki, Ngatiarua on Atiu, Oneroa on Mangaia, Omutu Harbour on Mitiaro, Kimiangatau on Mauke – Police matters are handled by the Island Administration in the Northern Group and other outer islands
  • Air New Zealand office – Rarotonga Airport
  • Travel Agencies – Turama Pacific Travel (Nikao), Island Hopper Vacations (Avarua), Go Cook Islands (Vaimaanga), Explore (Avarua), Matina Travel (Avarua), Jetsave Travel (Avarua) and Chantal’s Concierge (Titikavaka) – all on Rarotonga
  • Baby equipment hire – Baby Hire Cook Islands (free delivery Rarotonga)
  • Disability services – See Accessibility in the Cook Islands.
Information, Shops & Services in the Cook Islands©

Shops in the Cook Islands

Most of the Cook Islands have a wide range of shops available, especially on Rarotonga, less so on Aitutaki and even less on the outer islands. Shops are few and far in between on the Northern Group islands, where locals get supplies either from shipping containers or simply sustain themselves.

Grocery Stores in the Cook Islands

Note that many grocery stores, especially outside of Rarotonga, couple up as hardware and building supplies stores. Most stores are closed on a Sunday except for those stated otherwise in the list below. For more advice on what to expect at grocery stores, check out A Guide to Supermarkets & Food Shopping in the Cook Islands.

  • CITC Supermarket (Avarua, Rarotonga)
  • CITC Foodland (Avarua, Rarotonga)
  • Prime Foods (Avarua, Rarotonga)
  • Wigmore’s Superstore (Vaimaanga, Rarotonga) – Open Sunday
  • Super Brown Tupapa (Rarotonga) – Open Sunday
  • Super Brown Nikao (Rarotonga) – Open Sunday
  • KAPS Matavera (Matavera, Rarotonga)
  • Matavera Village Traders (Matavera, Rarotonga)
  • Hartal Shop & Laundry (Tupapa, Rarotonga)
  • Woo Arorangi (Arorangi, Rarotonga)
  • Kavera Central (Kavera/Arorangi, Rarotonga)
  • TEMs Store (Muri, Rarotonga)
  • Aquila Store (Amuri, Aitutaki)
  • Tina & Co (Amuri, Aitutaki) – Open Sunday
  • Heineken Store (Amuri, Aitutaki)
  • Maina Superstore (Arutanga, Aitutaki)
  • TNM Store (Arutanga, Aitutaki)
  • Neibaa’s Store (Vaipae, Aitutaki) –  Open Sunday
  • Baxter’s Waterworld (road between Arutanga and Vaipae, Aitutaki)
  • Super Brown Atiu (Tengatangi, Atiu)
  • Aire Mai Grocery Store (Teenui, Atiu)
  • Ezra Grocery Store (Mapumai, Atiu).
  • Babe’s Store (Oneroa, Mangaia)
  • Akeke Trading (Oneroa, Mangaia)
  • Makatea General Store (Between Kimiangatau and the inland villages, Mauke)
  • Kato’s General Store (Ngatiarua/Areora, Mauke)
  • Teoa Store (Kimiangatau, Mauke)
  • Pa’s Store (Mangarei, Mitiaro).

There are no grocery stores on the Northern Group islands and Palmerston in the traditional sense apart from the occasional pop-up store selling tinned goods, staples like flour, rice, etc. If you need supplies on these islands, it’s best to inquire with your accommodation host and see if they can arrange it for you.

Bakeries in the Cook Islands

  • Botanical Bakery (Avarua, Rarotonga)
  • Rangi’s Bakery (Mangarei, Mitiaro).

Liquor Stores in the Cook Islands

  • The Bond Liquor Store (Avarua, Rarotonga)
  • CITC Liquor Centre (Avarua, Rarotonga).

Liquor is also available at the duty-free stores are Rarotonga Airport, as listed in The Guide to Duty-Free Shopping in Rarotonga & the Cook Islands.

Cook Islands Produce Markets

  • Punanga Nui Market (Avarua, Rarotonga) – Saturday mornings until noon
  • Opuanga Ra Roadside Market (Between Arorangi and Kavera, Rarotonga) – Varied times
  • Friday Morning Market (Oneroa, Mangaia) – Friday from 5.30am to 8.30am.

Learn more about these markets and others in the 5 Best Markets in Rarotonga & the Cook Islands.

Souvenir and Gift Shops in the Cook Islands

  • Perfumes of Rarotonga Factory (Nikao, Rarotonga)
  • Stonefish Studio (Aitutaki)
  • Pearl Lounge (Arorangi, Rarotonga)
  • T&S Artworx (Aitutaki)
  • Mareko Island Creations (Avarua, Rarotonga)
  • Tokerau Jim (Arorangi, Rarotonga)
  • Tuki’s Pareu (Avarua, Rarotonga)
  • Ollie’s Surf Gear (Avarua, Rarotonga)
  • Island Craft (Avarua & Rarotonga Airport)
  • CITC Avarua (Avarua, Rarotonga)
  • Farm Direct Pearls (Avarua, Rarotonga)
  • Kora Pearls (Avarua, Rarotonga)
  • Goldmine (Avarua, Rarotonga)
  • Paka’s Pearls (Avarua, Rarotonga)
  • Fishers Black Pearl Jewellery (Avarua, Rarotonga)
  • Bergman & Sons (Avarua & Pacific Resort Aitutaki)
  • Beachcomber (Avarua, Rarotonga).

See more gift shops listed in The Best Places to Buy Souvenirs in Rarotonga & the Cook Islands, as well as other shopping needs in The Guide to Shopping in the Cook Islands + The Best Places to Shop.

Information, Shops & Services in the Cook Islands©

Medical Services in the Cook Islands

All populated islands in the Cook Islands have a hospital offering essential medical services. Rarotonga is the only island with pharmacies. Make sure you take all the medical supplies you may need to the Cook Islands with you – see What to Medication to Pack in Your First Aid Kit for the Cook Islands for ideas. Note that the emergency phone number in the Cook Islands is 999.

Pharmacies in the Cook Islands

  • Cook Islands Pharmacy (Avarua, Rarotonga)
  • Cook Islands Pharmacy (Muri, Rarotonga)
  • CITC Pharmacy (Avarua, Rarotonga)
  • Hospital Pharmacy (Ara Tapu, Tupapa Clinic).

Hospitals in the Cook Islands

  • Rarotonga Hospital (Nikao)
  • Tupapa Clinic (Avarua, Rarotonga)
  • Aitutaki Hospital (Arutanga)
  • Atiu Hospital (Ngatiarua)
  • Mangaia Hospital (Oneroa)
  • Mauke Hospital (Kimiangatau)
  • Mitiaro Hospital (Mangarei)
  • Tuhunu Hospital (Tokerau, Manihiki)
  • Tukao Hospital (Ngake, Manihiki)
  • Rakahanga Hospital (Numahanga, Rakahanga)
  • Omoka Hospital (Omoka, Penrhyn)
  • Tetautua Hospital (Tetautua, Penrhyn)
  • Nassau Hospital (Nassau)
  • Pukapuka Hospital (Wale, Pukapuka).
Information, Shops & Services in the Cook Islands©

Fuel Stations, Banks and Communication

While fuel stations are abundant on the islands where you’re going to most likely need them (Rarotonga, Aitutaki, Atiu, Mangaia, Mauke and Mitiaro), the choice of cell phone network and internet providers is incredibly slim – i.e. there’s only one option! It’s best to take cash out/do foreign currency exchange before leaving home or leaving Rarotonga – take all the cash you need with you to the outer islands.

Fuel Stations in the Cook Islands

  • Triad Tutakimoa Petrol Station (Avarua, Rarotonga)
  • Pandanus Petrol (Avarua, Rarotonga)
  • Toa Petroleum Avarua (Nikao, Rarotonga)
  • Maraerenga Petrol (Avarua, Rarotonga)
  • CITC Oasis (Nikao, Rarotonga)
  • Blackrock Petrol (Nikao, Rarotonga)
  • Wigmore’s Superstore (Vaimaanga, Rarotonga)
  • Muri Gas Station (Muri, Rarotonga)
  • KAPS Matavera (Matavera, Rarotonga)
  • Super Brown Tupapa (Tupapa, Rarotonga)
  • Spiders Petrol Station (Ootu Peninsula, Aitutaki)
  • Aquila Petrol Station (Amuri, Aitutaki)
  • TNM Store (Arutanga, Aitutaki)
  • Vaipae Wharf Petrol Station (Vaipae, Aitutaki)
  • Super Brown Atiu (Tengatangi, Atiu)
  • Mapumai Fuel Station (Mapumai, Atiu)
  • Te Vai Anga Fuel Station (Oneroa, Mangaia)
  • Makatea General Store (between Kimiangatau and the inland villages, Mauke)
  • Pa’s Store (Mangarei, Mitiaro).

For more about getting around, see the Cook Islands Transport Guide.

Phone Network, Internet and Postal Services in the Cook Islands

Vodafone is the sole provider of cell phone networks and internet in the Cook Islands. On islands outside of Rarotonga, they are also the sole provider of postal services. They have a presence on most islands, which are in the following locations:

  • Vodafone Parekura Head Office (Avarua, Rarotonga)
  • Vodafone at the CITC Shopping Centre (Avarua, Rarotonga)
  • Vodafone Rarotonga Airport (Nikao, Rarotonga)
  • Vodafone Punanga Nui Market (Avarua)
  • Vodafone Arutanga (Aitutaki)
  • Vodafone Ngatiarua (Atiu)
  • Vodafone Oneroa (Mangaia)
  • Vodafone Ngatiarua (Mauke)
  • Vodafone Omutu Harbour (Mitiaro)
  • Vodafone Tukao (Ngake, Manihiki)
  • Vodafone Teruakiore (Rakahanga)
  • Vodafone Omoka (Penrhyn)
  • Vodafone Wale (Pukapuka)

Learn more about the phone network and prices in The Best SIM Card in Rarotonga & the Cook Islands for Travellers, as well as how to use Vodafone WiFi hotspots in How to Get Internet & WiFi in Rarotonga & the Cook Islands.

Courier services in the Cook Islands include:

  • DHL Express (Rarotonga Airport)
  • FedEx (Rarotonga Freight Services Ltd, Rarotonga Airport).

Banks in the Cook Islands

There are three branches of banks found in the Cook Islands, but only one or two have a presence on the outer islands. Note that BCI and BSP agents cater to locals only, so don’t expect to be able to do foreign exchange on the outer islands. Find out more in What is the Best Way to Pay in Rarotonga & the Cook Islands? and The Best Place to Exchange Money in Rarotonga & the Cook Islands.

  • BCI Bank of the Cook Islands (Avarua, Rarotonga)
  • BSP Bank of the South Pacific (Avarua, Rarotonga)
  • ANZ Cook Islands (Avarua, Rarotonga)
  • BCI (Arutanga, Aitutaki)
  • BSP (Arutanga, Aitutaki)
  • BCI (Ngatiarua, Atiu)
  • BSP agent, Super Brown (Tengatangi, Atiu)
  • BCI Bank (Oneroa, Mangaia)
  • BSP agent, Babe’s Store (Oneroa, Mangaia)
  • BCI (Kimiangatau, Mauke)
  • BSP agent, Kato’s General Store (Ngatiarua/Areora, Mauke)
  • BCI (Omutu Harbour, Mitiaro)
  • BCI (Tukao, Manihiki)
  • BCI (Tauhunu, Manihiki)
  • BCI (Pukapuka)
  • BCI (Penrhyn)
  • BCI (Rakahanga)

ATMs in the Cook Islands

  • Rarotonga Airport (Nikao, Rarotonga)
  • Edgewater Resort & Spa (Arorangi, Rarotonga)
  • TEMs Store (Muri, Rarotonga)
  • CITC Oasis (Nikao, Rarotonga)
  • Super Brown (Tupapa, Rarotonga)
  • Aroa Nui Hall (Arorangi, Rarotonga)
  • Wigmore’s Superstore (Vaimaanga, Rarotonga)
  • KAPS Matavera (Matavera, Rarotonga)
  • Punanga Nui Market (Avarua, Rarotonga)
  • CITC Supermarket (Avarua, Rarotonga)
  • Aitutaki Airport (Aitutaki)
  • BSP Bank ATM (Arutanga, Aitutaki)

More Information, Shops and Services in the Cook Islands

Now that you know about the Cook Islands’ shops, services and what the infrastructure is like, here are some specifics about the information, shops and services – including opening hours – on the most-visited islands:

Finally, plan your whole trip to the Cook Islands using The Best Cook Islands Travel Guide. Plus, find more helpful tips in the 30 Tips for Travelling in the Cook Islands.


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