Information, Shops & Services on Mauke© Taniera - Cook Islands Tourism
Information, Shops & Services on Mauke

Information, Shops & Services on Mauke

© Taniera – Cook Islands Tourism

What Services are Available on Mauke?

Mauke is an 18km² (11mi²) island with the majority of its shops and services found in its main village, Kimiangatau on the west coast, as well as a few other services scattered along the main road between the two inland villages, Ngatiarua to the north and Areora to the south.

Although the island is stocked with food (albeit, not as well-stocked as Rarotonga and Aitutaki), it is best that visitors come prepared with their own medication, pharmaceutical supplies, plenty of local currency, and any snacks to keep the energy up while exploring. Otherwise, limited services are available for postal, internet and fuel. Find out more about the information, shops and services on Mauke in this guide.

Useful Services for Tourists

  • Island Administration (looks after visitors instead of a tourist information centre) – Main Road, Kimiangatau (same building as BCI Bank)
  • Car Rentals – Tiare Cottages (see Where to Stay on Mauke)
  • Scooter Rentals – Accommodation providers and Makatea General Store, on the main road between Kimiangatau and the inland villages
  • Restaurants – There are no restaurants on Mauke but guests can order meals from accommodation providers
  • Accommodation – See Where to Stay on Mauke for listings
  • Police Station (e.g. for a scooter licence) – Kimiangatau on the main road.
  • Mauke Airport – Northeast end of the island, see Airports in the Cook Islands. It is only open when flights are due and has no facilities.
Information, Shops & Services on Mauke© Claire Wilson - Cook Islands Tourism

Food and Groceries

With the exception of one takeaway, there are no restaurants on Mauke. The island does, however, have some well-stocked grocery stores (for outer island standards, at least). The convenience stores have plenty of tinned and frozen goods and drinks (including wine and beer) but have very limited to no fresh food. A lot of the food are imported brands from New Zealand and Rarotonga.

Supermarkets/Grocery Stores on Mauke

The convenience stores on Mauke include:

  • Makatea General Store (main road between Kimiangatau and the inland villages, open from Monday to Saturday, 9am to 4pm)
  • Kato’s General Store (main road in Ngatiarua/Areora, open from Monday to Friday, 9am to 1pm)
  • Teoa Store (main road in Kimiangatau, open from Monday to Saturday, 9am to 4pm).


Next door to Kato’s General Store (see above), Kato’s Takeaway serves up affordable burgers, chicken and chips and the like during lunch and dinner hours, Monday to Saturday.

Meals at Mauke’s Accommodations

Note that guests have the option to order evening meals at the accommodations on Mauke. All of Mauke’s accommodations also have self-catering facilities. More details are outlined in Where to Stay on Mauke: The Best Mauke Accommodations.

Drinking Water

Bottled water is available at convenience stores. The tap water in Mauke’s accommodations is generally safe but might not agree with everybody. Check out our tips about how to easily get access to drinking water while exploring the Cook Islands in our guide, Is the Water Safe to Drink in the Cook Islands?

Information, Shops & Services on Mauke© Daniel Fisher - Cook Islands Tourism

Medication, Toiletries and Pharmaceuticals

While we always recommend having all the medication you need with you for your stay in the Cook Islands (see What to Medication to Pack in Your First Aid Kit for the Cook Islands for advice), we especially recommend bringing even light medications (such as painkillers), baby products, hygiene products and sun protection to Mauke.

Although some light medication and toiletries are for sale at Mauke’s convenience stores, the stock is limited and they are sometimes sold out. The only alternative option for getting medication on Mauke is at the local hospital.

Pharmacy and Hospital

There is no pharmacy on Mauke. For more pressing illnesses, injuries and medications, there’s the Mauke Hospital on the inland road between Kimiangatau and the airport. They are open for doctor’s appointments from Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm.

Information, Shops & Services on Mauke©

Fuel Stations, Banks and Communication

Mauke has very limited services when it comes to banking and communication. Visitors are recommended to bring all of the cash they need (New Zealand Dollars) and don’t rely on access to WiFi. Those that need a phone and internet are best getting a local SIM card.

Fuel Stations on Mauke

There is one gas station on Mauke, which is at the Makatea General Store. It is located on the main road between Kimiangatau and the inland villages. Opening hours are from Monday to Saturday, 9am to 4pm.

Phone Network on Mauke

There’s only one cellphone network provider in the Cook Islands, Vodafone, whose Mauke office you can find on the main road at the northern junction in Ngatiarua. Learn more about the network and prices in The Best SIM Card in Rarotonga & the Cook Islands for Travellers.

Post Offices on Mauke

Vodafone also offers postal services on Mauke (Ngatiarua on the main road at the northern junction) and is open from Monday to Friday, 8am to 4.30pm.

Internet and WiFi on Mauke

Free WiFi is practically unheard of in the Cook Islands, and the same goes for Mauke. Anywhere that does offer WiFi usually provides it through a Vodafone WiFi hotspot. Learn more about how to use Vodafone WiFi hotspot vouchers in How to Get Internet & WiFi in the Cook Islands.

Banks and ATMs on Mauke

There is one bank found on Mauke, the BCI (Bank of the Cook Islands) while Kato’s General Store is an agent of BSP (Bank of the South Pacific) and has the island’s only ATM (local bank cards only; no international withdrawals). Don’t expect a foreign exchange service, as the banks here only deal in local banking. The banks on Mauke are:

  • BCI Bank (Main road, Kimiangatau, open from Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 11.30am)
  • BSP agent, Kato’s General Store (Main Road in Ngatiarua/Areora, open from Monday to Friday, 9am to 1pm).

Make sure you bring all the local currency in cash that you’re going to need with you. Find out more about paying your way through the Cook Islands in our guide, What is the Best Way to Pay in the Cook Islands?

More About Information, Shops and Services on Mauke

Now that you know about the Mauke shops and services available, here’s more advice to help you plan a smooth trip to the island:

Finally, plan your whole trip to the Cook Islands using The Best Cook Islands Travel Guide. Plus, find more helpful tips in the 30 Tips for Travelling in the Cook Islands.


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