Scooter Hire on Atiu: Where to Rent, Cost & More© Kieran Scott - Cook Islands Tourism
Scooter Hire on Atiu: Where to Rent, Cost & More

Scooter Hire on Atiu: Where to Rent, Cost & More

© Kieran Scott – Cook Islands Tourism

The Complete Guide to Renting a Scooter on Atiu

With a small road network and hardly any traffic, riding a scooter around Atiu is one of the more endearing ways to travel around the island. Scooters are easy to park, easy to ride and use much less fuel than a car. What’s more, most of the vehicle rental options on Atiu, including accommodations, have scooters for hire. With the added advantage of not requiring the same convoluted process of getting a scooter license as on Rarotonga, there’s really no reason not to hop on a scooter! So, check out this guide to hiring a scooter on Atiu, which also goes through the cost of renting a scooter, how to ride one and more.

Before we jump in, be sure to open up The Complete Travel Guide to Atiu for more awesome tips.

Do You Need a License to Hire a Scooter on Atiu?

The first thing you need to know about hiring a scooter on Atiu is that, legally, you need to apply for a visitor’s motorcycle license if your overseas license doesn’t already cover motorcycles as a valid vehicle you are licensed for. Unlike in Rarotonga, this doesn’t include a theory and practical test. Simply, go to the Ngatiarua Police Station with your valid driver’s license (and IDP if it’s not in English) and NZ$2.50 for the fee to get your visitor’s motorcycle license.

See our complete guide on the process, How to Get a Cook Islands Scooter License which explains everything, including how to get a license on Rarotonga.

Scooter Hire on Atiu: Where to Rent, Cost & More© Kieran Scott - Cook Islands Tourism

Where to Rent a Scooter on Atiu

With scooters being such as popular mode of transport in Atiu and the Cook Islands, most vehicle rental companies and accommodations include them in their fleet. Note that scooter rentals do not come with helmets, as it is not a requirement to wear one on Atiu – so drive cautiously with the tips we give in the 10 Safety Tips for Driving in the Cook Islands. See what makes each rental option different (or pretty much the same, as the case may be) in our scooter hire comparison below!

Super Brown Atiu

The main convenience store on the island, Super Brown Atiu is also convenient in that fact that it hires out scooters! Super Brown store is located on the main street of Tengatangi village.

Scooters offered include Daelim and automatic scooters, as well as jeeps and mini-trucks (see The Best Car Rentals on Atiu: The Top Atiu Car Rental Companies). There is a mix of automatic and manual transmissions available so be sure to ask, if you have a preference.

Prices are subject to change, but scooters with Super Brown cost approximately NZ$30 per day.

Atiu Villas

Atiu’s most convenient accommodation, Atiu Villas strives to provide everything you need for an effortless stay on the island including rental scooters with automatic transmission.

Prices are subject to change, but scooters cost approximately NZ$25 per day. Scooters are also available to hire by the hour should you only need one for one or two short trips on Atiu (for instance, if you are taking mostly guided tours where accommodation pick-up is included). Gas is included in the cost of short-term scooter rentals.

Scooter Hire on Atiu: Where to Rent, Cost & More©

The Cost of Renting a Scooter on Atiu

How much does scooter hire cost on Atiu? Daily rental rates are very competitive between scooter hire companies but below, we’ve listed the average prices for all of the expenses involved in hiring a scooter. Note that prices are approximate and are subject to change (especially fuel)!

  • Scooter daily rate – NZ$25-$30
  • Fuel per litre – NZ$2.60-$3.20
  • Scooter license – NZ$2.50

To work out fuel costs, check out travel distances around the island in our guide, Cook Islands Travel Times: How Long to Travel Around the Islands? Bearing in mind, that scooters use around 2-3l (0.5-0.8gl) of fuel per 100km (60 miles).

Scooter Hire on Atiu: Where to Rent, Cost & More© Kieran Scott - Cook Islands Tourism

How to Ride a Scooter on Atiu

Scooters are so easy to ride and that’s one of the reasons why they are a favoured method to get around by visitors and locals alike. However, if you haven’t ridden a scooter before, then let’s relieve some of the unknown; how do you ride a scooter?

Your rental scooter will have a side stand or a centre stand to, you know, stop the bike from toppling over. Hold onto the handlebars, relieve the pressure from the side stand and kick the side stand up. If it’s on a centre stand, simply sit on the bike and roll the bike forward until the bike is off the stand.

Get to grips with where the controls are. You should have the indicators within reach of one thumb: flick left to indicate left, right to indicate right and press to stop the indicators. Within reach of your other thumb, you should have a button or switch for your hazard lights.

Behind the handlebars are your brakes, just like a pushbike, to pull in order to slow down. One of your handlebars will twist, which is your throttle and gets your scooter moving!

Your scooter rental company will show you how to start the engine, depending on the model you have. Usually, it’s just a key-in-and-twist sort of job. They will also show you how to refuel your scooter – if they don’t, just ask if you’re unsure! You can find the gas stations listed in Information, Shops & Services on Atiu.

And it’s that simple!

The Road Rules of Atiu

It’s all well and good knowing how to ride a scooter, but you will also need to know the basic road rules of Atiu in order to keep yourself and others safe. The main rules you need to know are:

  • Drive on the left side of the road
  • The maximum speed limit on Atiu is 40kph
  • Give way (yield) to oncoming traffic
  • Helmets are not mandatory on Atiu but recommended if you are offered one
  • Only two people are permitted on a motorcycle/scooter, seated astride; not sideways. Pillion passengers must be sat behind the driver.

Check out more road rules in How to Drive in the Cook Islands + 10 Road Rules. We also give some tips specific to scooter riders in the 10 Tips for Riding a Scooter in the Cook Islands.

More About Scooter Rental on Atiu

That’s it for our complete guide to hiring a scooter on Atiu, including the costs, where to hire and more! For more scooter tips, check out the following guides:

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