The Best Overwater Bungalows in the Cook Islands πŸ’™ [2023]Β©
The Best Overwater Bungalows in the Cook Islands πŸ’™ [2023]

The Best Overwater Bungalows in the Cook Islands πŸ’™ [2024]


Are There Overwater Bungalows in the Cook Islands?

Yes, keeping in with the tropical paradise trend of bungalows over lagoon waters, there are overwater bungalows in the Cook Islands. However, they might not be where you’d expect…

You won’t find overwater bungalows on the main island of the Cook Islands, Rarotonga, but if you travel a little further to the atoll of Aitutaki or further still to Manihiki, you’ll find some lavish overwater bungalows at opposing ends of the price scale. We’ll leave you to figure out which is NZ$1,300+ per night and which is NZ$150+ per night…

Aitutaki Lagoon Private Island Resort – Overwater Bungalows

Extending over the azure lagoon waters of Aitutaki, the overwater bungalows of the Aitutaki Lagoon Private Island Resort are the only bungalows in the Cook Islands that are over the water at all tides. The highest tier of room at this five-star resort not only has a deck over the water to enjoy unobstructed views of the lagoon but a staircase and ladder to ease you into the lagoon itself, whether it’s for a soothing swim or perhaps snorkelling using the gear provided in your room.

The bungalow itself exudes a tropical ambience with its Polynesian-style decor and outdoor garden shower. Nearby on the resort premises, you have access to a restaurant with a private dining pavilion, all sorts of watersports gear to take advantage of, a day spa with in-room massage available, as well as an on-demand ferry to the mainland where you can explore more of Aitutaki.

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The Best Overwater Bungalows in the Cook IslandsΒ©

Manihiki Lagoon Villas

A couple of freestanding villas on stilts hover over the sands (and water at high tide) at Manihiki Lagoon Villas. Whoever said that the Cook Islands only had one resort with overwater bungalows?!

Out on the lesser-visited northern atoll of Manihiki, Manihiki Lagoon Villas is one of the limited accommodations on the island yet is some of the most upscale accommodations outside of Rarotonga and Aitutaki. Manihiki is a little trickier to get to than other islands in the Cook Islands, but may well be worth the high airfares to get the real island experience. At least the accommodation is cheap!

Back to the spacious open-plan overwater bungalows, each of the two has a balcony, a bathroom and a kitchenette. They accommodate two people in a double or twin bed setup. You are provided with breakfast supplies, while lunch and dinner are local dishes prepared by the locals.

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The Best Overwater Bungalows in the Cook IslandsΒ© Sandee Cook - Cook Islands Tourism

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