The Top Cheap Eats on Aitutaki©
The Top Cheap Eats on Aitutaki

The Top Cheap Eats on Aitutaki


Where to Get Cheap Food on Aitutaki

Aitutaki might be a small island isolated in the Pacific Ocean, but when it comes to “cheap eats” it has got you covered. You’ll find no lack of ultra-cheap takeaways serving burgers, fish, chicken and chips. Sure enough, these are the local hangouts. Plus, with this guide to the top cheap eats on Aitutaki, we’ll also show you the slightly more upscale restaurants with the hidden gems of cheap eats on their menus.

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5 Tips to Save Money on Food on Aitutaki

Before we dive into the cheap eats of Aitutaki, here are some extra tips to help you save the cents on scram…

  1. Vegetarian food is significantly cheaper than meat and fish dishes (and usually pretty good too – we’re talking about you, smoothie bowl at the Avatea Cafe!)
  2. All lagoon cruises include a substantial lunch that will probably dissolve your appetite for a large dinner, so keep this in mind when weighing the costs of your cruise
  3. Choose self-catering accommodation to make your own meals
  4. Have an open mind when it comes to self-catering; convenience stores stock plenty of food but don’t offer the variety you might be used to. You might have to get creative with your meals
  5. Eat out at the cheap restaurants and takeaways we list in this guide to the top cheap eats of Aitutaki!

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The Top Cheap Eats on Aitutaki©

Cheap Eats on Aitutaki – $10 and Under

Luckily for travellers on a budget, the locals enjoy eating out for a reasonable price too. You’ll find no lack of affordable cafes and takeaways in the most populated areas of the island. More specifically, you’ll find cheap takeaways along the main road on the west coast between Amuri and Arutanga.

Cheap Takeaways on Aitutaki

The colourfully pink Aquila Takeaway (Amuri) and grocery store can’t be missed on the main road in Amuri. They serve up pretty palatable burgers, pizzas, salads, wraps and more at their cheap takeaway with seating under a verandah.

In town, MVA’s Tunu2nu (Arutanga) offers their cheap eats on actual plates if you want to dine “in” (under the verandah or on the shaded picnic tables). Fish n’ chips and burgers, of course, feature on the menu but if you’re looking for a more hearty meal like a cooked breakfast or seafood basket, they’re also an option for a few more bucks.

Mango Takeaway (Amuri) might do the usual cheap burgers and fries shebang but where they truly shine is their cakes. We highly recommend popping in for an affordable dessert.

Cheap Sunday Takeaways

And for the weirdest breakfast you’ll ever likely have, head to the Mongolian Barbecue (Vaipae) on a Sunday morning located next door to Naibaa’s Store north of Vaipae village (unless they have moved to the airport already). Your takeaway container will be packed to the brim with a choice of three meals (yes, all in the same container) and rice – all for NZ$10.

For a truly local experience, head to Aunty Odeez (Amuri) located on the beach. The casual cafe serves up burgers for around NZ$10, as well as a selection of ever-so-slightly more expensive local fish dishes, including ika mata, all on “raurau” (woven plates) making for some stellar social media shots! Aunty Odeez is open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Open from Sunday to Friday, Kai Tari Takeaway (Amuri) is a good go-to for fresh fish dishes, as well as some of their cheaper items on the menu, such as burgers and fish/chicken and chips.

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The Top Cheap Eats on Aitutaki©

Cheap Eats on Aitutaki – $11-$20

Those willing to spend a little more on food open up a few more dining options on Aitutaki.

Cheap Restaurants on Aitutaki

Generous portions await at Mouarii Cafe (Arutanga) with huge salads, steak and chips, lasagnes, etc. in the NZ$15-$20 range. You can also try the famed local dish of ika mata for around NZ$10. Coffee addicts will also love their brew.

Aitutaki Restaurants with Cheaper Options

While most of the items on The Boat Shed (Ootu Beach) are over NZ$20, their snack meals are ideal for those with smaller appetites or who want to save room for dessert. They have burgers, ciabatta rolls, fish cakes, pizzas and more for NZ$10-$20.

For high-quality food with fresh sustainable ingredients from local farms, Koru Cafe (Ootu Beach) is worth checking out. Most of their meals are quite pricey for this list, but NZ$10 sandwiches, homemade bread and dips, as well as the omelette and french toast for breakfast won’t take you over NZ$20.

Alternatively for breakfast, Avatea Cafe (Tautu) has some affordable bagels, toasties, smoothie bowls and eggs on toast to go with their quirky location on top of a hill near Tautu village. Lunch is a little too expensive for this list, however, but still highly recommended.

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More About Food, Saving Money and Restaurants on Aitutaki

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