Where to Stay on Mauke: The Best Mauke Accommodations [2023]© Taniera - Cook Islands Tourism
Where to Stay on Mauke: The Best Mauke Accommodations [2023]

Where to Stay on Mauke: The Best Mauke Accommodations [2024]

© Taniera – Cook Islands Tourism

The Best Bungalows and Villas on Mauke

It doesn’t get more authentic than this: the little-known South Pacific island of Mauke. If your sense of adventure is drawing you to this gorgeous little island in the Cook Islands, then you will need a place to stay on Mauke. Let us introduce you to all of the accommodations on Mauke (hint: there are not many), so you can decide on a stay to suit your vibe and budget.

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Tiare Cottages

The Ateriano family welcome you to their four cottages located on the coast just down the road from Taunganui Landing (the harbour). You’ll experience generous hospitality, be treated to a local dinner in the communal kitchen area in the evenings (for an additional fee), and have help organising tours and transport for exploring the island (i.e. they’ll likely guide you themselves!) Island tours with your hosts are complimentary if you stay seven days or more.

Tiare Cottages consists of three budget bungalows and one clifftop cottage nestled in tropical gardens and surrounding a communal kitchen/dining area. Each bungalow is a little basic and has its own bathroom and small kitchenette. Otherwise, the cottage, “O’Kiva” is much newer and boasts an enviable position on the clifftop with stunning sea views. The cottage also has a better-equipped kitchen.

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Where to Stay on Mauke: The Best Mauke Accommodations [2023]© CookIslandsPocketGuide.com

Ri’s Retreat

Located among spacious gardens by the airport, Ri’s Retreat offers two studio bungalows, as well as a two-bedroom unit. The bungalows are a little more modern than other accommodations on Mauke and come equipped with a full kitchen, so if you were hoping to enjoy a more independent stay, Ri’s Retreat is ideal. That’s not to say there are no extra services to help make your time cruisey on this underdeveloped island, as your hosts are happy to arrange locally inspired meals, guided tours and bicycle and scooter hire. Plus, with multiple beds, in the studios and the two-bedroom unit, Ri’s Retreat is also the best option on Mauke for families.

Note that the other property of Ri’s Retreat, Ri’s Hideaway (pictured), is no longer available.

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Where to Stay on Mauke: The Best Mauke Accommodations [2023]© Claire Wilson - Cook Islands Tourism

More About Mauke

That’s it for our guide to the best Mauke accommodations. Now that you know where to stay on Mauke, here are some other tips to help make your stay seamless!

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