The Top Attractions, Tours and Activities on Atiu If you wondered what the Cook Islands looks like without the endless line of resorts on the beach and array of lagoon cruises, then this is it. Atiu 
What Can You Do on Atiu for Free? Let’s be honest, once you get to Atiu, everything is relatively affordable (especially compared to Rarotonga and Aitutaki)! To make it all the more reassuring t
How to Plan the Best Trip to Atiu Serene and secluded in the south Pacific Ocean, a diverse atoll of rugged coral uplift, swampland, lush rainforest and 26 deserted beaches await. This is Atiu, the Co
The Best Things to Do on Atiu for Foodies Spoiler alert: most of the things to do on Atiu are ideal for foodies, well, at least all of the cultural tours anyway! With two coffee roasters and plantatio
The Best Family Activities on Atiu Certainly a destination for adventurous families, Atiu offers amazing pristine beaches and wonderful culture and eco-tours. The rocky “makatea” (coral u
What Services are Available on Atiu? Atiu is a 27km² (17mi²) island where all of its shops and services (with exception of the airport) can be found in the five merging villages in the centre. Mapu