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Find the Perfect Wedding Venue in the Cook Islands A toes-in-the-sand wedding with a turquoise lagoon backdrop glistens at the ready. There’s no easier place than the Cook Islands to get that So
Where to Get Cheap Food on Aitutaki Aitutaki might be a small island isolated in the Pacific Ocean, but when it comes to “cheap eats” it has got you covered. You’ll find no lack of u
Walks and Hikes on Aitutaki and its Lagoon Islands Let’s make one thing clear; you won’t find the hiking variety that is on Rarotonga. A much smaller island with just one real peak, Aituta
Where to Get Cheap Food on Rarotonga Don’t worry, Rarotonga isn’t about going from resort to resort blowing all your hard-earned cash on an overpriced burger. If you go where the locals ea