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5 Things to Do on Atiu with Kids© Daniel Fisher - Cook Islands Tourism
5 Things to Do on Atiu with Kids

5 Things to Do on Atiu with Kids

© Daniel Fisher – Cook Islands Tourism

The Best Family Activities on Atiu

Certainly a destination for adventurous families, Atiu offers amazing pristine beaches and wonderful culture and eco-tours. The rocky “makatea” (coral uplift) is the terrain of many of the island’s walks, so you can forget about bringing the stroller. Atiu is more suited to families with kids who can get around on their own feet, as well as have a sense of adventure. So, make your Atiu family bucket list with these things to do on Atiu with kids!

And don’t leave without seeking more helpful advice from The Complete Travel Guide to Atiu for Families. If you need a place to stay, check out Where to Stay on Atiu: The Best Atiu Accommodations.

1. Go on an Adventure to Anatakitaki Caves

A must-see attraction on Atiu and an awesome adventure for active families, Anatakitaki Caves are a series of caves with awesome limestone stalactites and home to a rare and fascinating bird. Join Atiu Eco-Adventure Anatakitaki Cave Tour for a three-hour guided experience taking you through the dense rainforest (with jagged coral rock, so make sure everyone is wearing appropriate footwear) to three spectacular caves. Bring your swimwear for the cave pool and put on your best bird-spotting hats for seeing the kopeka, a swiftlet unique to Atiu, that uses sonar just like a bat. Your guide will tell you more about these amazing birds or check out the 20 Animals & Birds Unique to the Cook Islands.

Location: East side of Atiu. Transfers are included in the tour mentioned.

5 Things to Do on Atiu with Kids© Daniel Fisher - Cook Islands Tourism

2. Immerse in the Atiuan Culture with Punarea Culture Tours

On a tour suitable for all ages, Joshua from Punarea Culture Tours offers a fascinating experience of history, crafting demonstrations and traditional food! Kids love hearing about the history of Atiu’s fierce warriors, while the tapa-cloth crafting and “Tuki Poi” demonstrations allow you to have a  more hands-on experience – something a little different to the usual “coconut demonstration” that you’ve probably seen on Rarotonga. You’ll help your host plate up the umu which has been slowly cooking tropical meat and vegetables throughout the tour! The tour lasts approximately three hours.

Location: Transfers are included.

5 Things to Do on Atiu with Kids© Daniel Fisher - Cook Islands Tourism

3. Meet George (and the Birds) on an Eco-Tour

Birdman George” is your guide on this delightfully varied driving and walking tour traversing Atiu. While the tour includes walking historic trails and visiting historically significant sites, the main focus is the ecology of Atiu and its magnificent birdlife. George will point out kakerori and colourful kura that he looks after in this island sanctuary. After learning about the local flora and fauna and the medicinal uses of Atiuan plants, you’ll arrive at a picturesque beach where George will serve either a tropical spread for a picnic lunch or an umu on a Sunday. The tour lasts approximately four to five hours. See more tours like this in the 5 Best Tours in Atiu.

Location: Transfers are included.

5 Things to Do on Atiu with Kids© Daniel Fisher - Cook Islands Tourism

4. Enjoy Some Pool Time at Atiu Villas

Sometimes, you just need time to unwind. Those staying at Atiu Villas have access to an outdoor swimming pool among the tropical gardens. Kids love having a splash here, while the tennis court and rope swings hidden among the grounds provide more fun while you’re hanging out at your accommodation. Learn more about Atiu Villas in our guide, Where to Stay on Atiu: The Best Atiu Accommodations.

Location: Atiu Villas, Areora, on the road between the villages and Matai Landing.

5 Things to Do on Atiu with Kids© Cook Islands Tourism

5. Explore the Beaches!

At only 27km² (17mi²), Atiu is so easy to explore! Hit the coastal road and discover the quaint Oravaru, Taungaroro and Tumai beaches along the west side of the island, while Oneroa Beach on the east side is also worth visiting. The best place for older kids to swim in the relatively deep waters of Taunganui Harbour, while little ones will enjoy paddling on the reef. Check out the 7 Best Beaches on Atiu for more information about each beach and more.

Location: Check out the link above for each beach location. Otherwise, they are well signposted along the coastal road of Atiu.

5 Things to Do on Atiu with Kids©

More Things to Do on Atiu with Kids

That’s it for our list of the best things to do on Atiu with kids. Families with teens have a little more they could enjoy, as listed in the following guides:

Finally, if there’s any part of the Cook Islands excursion that you haven’t planned, you’re likely to find all the advice you need in The Complete Travel Guide to the Cook Islands for Families and 30 Tips for Your Family Rarotonga & Cook Islands Vacation with Kids.


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